2nd XI Reports

2019 2nd XI Match Reports

Preston CC II 145-10 Cockfosters II 124-10

2nd XI this week was away at Preston, with the forecast not looking to great. When we arrived the covers were still on but signs that the rain was due to stop, with the help on some wind to try dry the ground.

After a bit of a wait, the umpires and captains decided a start time and the overs would be reduced to 42 overs each.

The toss was one that neither team wanted to win, due to the unknown weather conditions. What Preston had failed to recognise, they were up against the worst tosser in the whole league! As expected, Rollo called incorrectly and Preston asked us to field – that’s 5 losses out of 5!

John Worley and (fresh from his bowl cut) Nathan “Chinese Nath” Edwards opened up. Both started tightly, with the wind and slope aiding the bowlers. After a few watchful overs, Preston opening pair changed to a more aggressive approach and put the fielders under pressure with some quick singles.

John then made the breakthrough with the score on 26 as Walker tried to go down the ground but unfortunately hit is straight to Ash, who took an impressive crocodile catch. Will Mercer came to the crease to join William Gallimore. Mercer gave a few opportunities early doors, when playing with hard hands, including one tough chance which John seemed to dive under for a caught and bowled.

The two Preston batsmen continued to play well against John, Nath and Craig (who had replaced Nath) and kept pushing the score on and punishing any bad ball. Rollo then decided to make a change at both ends bring Slev on at one end and Ash on at the other. This seemed to be exactly what was needed for Fosters with Slev picking up the wicket of Gallimore LBW for 19 and Ash picking up two quick wickets his end. This left Preston 77-4 but with Mercer still at the crease.

Ash bowled a very tight 5 overs (5-1-17-2) and was replaced by Ravi to try take more pace off the ball and really frustrate Preston. Mercer and Ashley Catlin, initially didn’t mind this change and were running well between the wickets. Then Rav got his first breakthrough with a good catch from the skipper to get Mercer for a well made 48.

Ravi then picked up another 2 quick wickets, with catches from Nathan and a low diving catch from Rollo. Preston were now 114-7.

Tom Mercer came to the crease and tried to take the attack to Fosters. On 1, Tom Mercer mishit one to Slev at mid on and was dropped. He then punished the bowlers by hitting a few boundaries and running well between the wickets. Rav tossed up another one to Tom, who then played the same shot to Slev and this time he made amends by catching him for 19.

The score was now 139-8 and Rav picked up the final 2 wickets to bowl out Preston for 145. Ravi finished with figures of 5.4 overs 1 Maiden 15 runs for 6 wickets

After a lovely tea, Stokesy and Adam were our opening partnership. Preston bowled very tightly to start off with and the scoring was very hard to come by. Stokesy then started to push a few singles to rotate whilst Adam stayed defensively.

With the score on 20, Adam chipped one up to point to depart for a 19 ball duck. This brought Benny Howell to the crease and him and Stokesy got to work almost immediately. The two batted well together and got the score up to 62, before Stokesy was bowled for 30.

Rollo got bowled first ball and Nathan came to the crease with Ben. Nathan remained patient whilst Ben attacked from the other end. The two of them took the score to 91 before Ben was caught out for a well made 45.

At 91-4 we were still favourites but a few overs later we were 96-7. Slev and Ash came to the crease and tried to push the score on, Slev was bowled with the score 112. Ash hit some boundaries and got us to 124 but he fell and John was caught out shortly after.

Another game where we put ourselves in a position to win and the batsmen gave it away all to easily.

Man of the match goes to Ravi Solanki for his fantastic bowling spell.

25/05/2019 Cockfosters II 92-10 vs Old Camdenians I 93-0 

With availability poor again the 2’s hosted unbeaten, Old Camdenians at The Lane. 

Rollo continued his form by losing the toss and Old Cam’s stuck the home side into bat.

Adam and Yasir opened up to a very good opening bowling pair. At one end Cam’s had the pace and bounce of Gravett and at the other the swing bowling of Yasin. 

After seeing off the first few overs Adam and Yasir started to hit the bad balls and put a good opening stand on. Yasir was first to go with the score on 48, and was bowled by Yasin to one which kept low. Shortly after, Adam was bowled by Gravett and we had gone from 48-0 to 48-2. 

This brought Rich Jones on his seasonal debut and the skipper to the crease. They started off by seeing the remaining overs of Old Cam’s opening bowlers, until Rich played a wild shot to Yasin and was caught for 0. 

Srini came out for his 2XI debut and batted patiently with Rollo who was facing the majority of balls. 

After seeing off the openers, Cam’s decided to take all pace off the ball. Rollo maintained on keeping the majority of the strike and hit a couple of bad balls for 4. Srini, who couldn’t stay patient enough nicked one behind. 

Kieran came out and told the skipper he couldn’t run as he had injured himself in the warm up. Shortly after Kieran hit one to mid on and called the skipper through for a single, Old Cam’s captain threw at the non strikers end and missed but it carried on through to the keeper who ran out Dan for 16. 

There was not a lot else to say after this as we managed to get bowled out in the 45th over for 92. 

Old Camdenians openers approached batting a completely different way to Cockfosters. From Ball one they went after our poor bowling and hit the ball to all areas of the ground. 

Rollo tried to rotate the bowlers and apart from Prakash, they were all far too expensive. 

Old Camdenians chased it down easily in 14.2 overs and extended their winning streak. 

Man of the match was a hard one to give as not one person played well, Adam Pigden sneaked it with his batting in the opening stand. 

18/05/2019 Old Finchleians II 131-9 vs Cockfosters II 135-6 

First away game of the season against Old Finchleians who struggled the same as us on week 1. 

Skipper Rollo who claims to be an experienced tosser, lost his second one of the season and was asked to bowl first. 

Ash opened up first alongside John Worley who was making his seasonal debut.  

After a tight first over from Ash, John picked up a wicket with his first ball – he never looked back from here, hooping it everywhere!  

Ash managed to get out the other opener, whilst John got out the dangerous looking Nikhil Deepala and their skipper.  

Ash bowled 6 tight overs from up the hill and John bowled his 10 straight finishing off with figures of 10 overs 5 maidens 8 runs 3 wickets – what was even more impressing, was John not throwing his usual strop.  

Assad replaced Ash and bowled 4 good overs with John, but as Old Finchleians were in a bit of trouble with hardly any runs on the board, the skipper decided to take all the pace off by bringing on Cheesy and the birthday boy Ravi. 

Cheese and Rav continued to follow John and Ash’s tight bowling by giving nothing away. Old Finchleians batsman Rishi, was staying patient at one end but also counter attacking when needed – he was dropped twice and made the lives he was given count.  

Ravi managed to pick up 2 quick wickets, one a very impressive sharp grab by Wethers and finally picking up the important wicket of Rishi who had scored 35. 

Cheese finished with figures of 10 overs 1 maiden 25 runs for no wickets and Ravi finished with 10 overs 2 maidens 22 runs for 3 wickets – well bowled you two!!  

The skipper then working out how many overs he had left with Assad and Ash brought on Dom Sweeting for 2 overs to make sure we had the 50 covered.  

Dom done his job by picking up a wicket in his first over.  

This brought Ash and Assad back who both kept it tight for the remaining overs, with Assad picking up a wicket.  

What the skipper didn’t realise was he brought them on at the wrong ends so Assad only ended up bowling 7 and Ash finished his 10 in the 48th! Who therefore should bowl the 50th over?!?! Ahhh the skipper panicked and chose himself. After a few wides, he managed to get away without conceding a boundary and not causing too much damage (the team say otherwise #Rolloout)  

Their number 10 Sanjeev played well to score 20 at the end of the innings and help to get Old Finchleians up to 131.  

Rollo was ecstatic with the job his bowlers had done, albeit gifting a few easy runs at the end, and given them a great chance of winning the game. Also, well done to Kieran for 4 catches behind the stumps.  

Adam and Dom opened up, Dom looking his classy self with Adam helping to rotate the strike. Adam edged one behind for 7, which brought Simmo to the crease, to bat with his only friend (not including his missus).  

Dom and Simmo then took the game to Old Finchleians, rotating strike and punishing the bad ball, Dom departed for 29 which brought the skipper out to bat with Simmo. Simmo then got a ball from the impressive Rachit Depala and was unsure whether to play or leave and ended up playing on for a well made 27.  

Kieran then came and went very quickly, which brought the last recognised batsmen, the injured Ben Howell to the crease with Rollo.  

Rollo played quite reserved but after a few chirps of telling him he only had one shot, launched a 6 over cover – he shortly departed for 20.  

Assad came and went.  

This brought John Worley to the crease with Ben Howell. They both played within themselves, Ben hitting a few boundaries, including one on drive along the ground up the hill!  

With the skipper pacing up and down and continuously looking at the scoreboard, Ben managed to take us over the line – he finished on a well made 25 including a lovely 4 over the top to seal the win and John was 0 not out.  

Well done the boys this week, maybe gave away a few extra runs at the end of the innings but showed great determination to chase down a low total – we would normally see a classic Cockfosters colapse!  

Man of the match was given to John Worley for his bowling spell and staying dogged at one end to ensure Ben could see us through

11/05/2019 Cockfosters II 124-10 vs Hemel Hempstead Town III 237-5

Finally we were here for the first game of the 2019 season!

This season looked no different to others, a new captain in place, a lush looking chalk lane, poor availability and a cover protecting the wicket from the rain. Oh how we have missed you!!!! The new head honcho Rollo wanted to start as he meant to go on – he lost the toss and Hemel chose to bat. The new ball was given to Assad and new man Ash. 

Hemel’s openers started off well and would not let the bowlers settle – it didn’t help that we didn’t bowl to our field. Assad was taken off after 4 overs and Ben Howell was brought on to try bring some control – this worked initially but Hemel’s batsmen, especially Davis punished every bad ball bowled. Hemel were racing away with the game here and a score of 350 was looking possible. Ben Slevin who had previously only ever played in one 2s game, was given the ball. His slow bowling with lot’s of variations slowed down the pair of Davis & Clark. However they were still punishing Ben Howell at the other end. Ravi was then brought on and a very conservative field was put in place for both bowlers and the two of them brought an element of control to the game which we had not previously seen. Ravi then had Davis caught at long on by Slevin, the ball after Davis made a well deserved century. Shortly after Clark made his half century, he hit one to Slevin off of Ravi for 55. The slow bowling had finally worked. Another quick wicket for Solanki as he bowled their number three bat and we were finally back in the game. The aim now was to keep them to 270 or below. 

Slev finished his impressive 10 over spell wicketless and Rav then finished his with figures of 3 for 33. Skipper decided to bring Howell back on and he picked up a wicket and a fine catch behind from Kieran. There was now a buzz in the field and a thought of restricting Hemel to 200 or less, their batsman Langley had other ideas. Langley decided to consolidate at the beginning and then target the short boundary. 

Assad and Ash came back at the end with Assad picking up a wicket with a good yorker but Langley pushed Hemel up to 237 with a well made 31 not out. We ended up giving away 31 extras which was far too many!!!! 

After a splendid tea from Lindsey, Yasir and Munson went out and opened. They tried to push the score along sensibly and ran well but Hemel’s bowlers bowled the right lines and bowled to the field they had set for it. Yasir fell first by being bowled, then Adam was given out LBW shortly after – don’t ask him if he was out!!!! 

Both were out to the centurion Davis. Adam then went in the changing room and threw his bat at his captain and opening partner. Tosh was then bowled. Ben and the skipper was at the crease, Ben was playing slightly aggressive which was a shock to everyone and Rollo couldn’t hit the ball which was no surprise to anyone! Ben played one shot too many and was caught and bowled for 21, which brought Steady in. Steady played very well by keeping the score ticking over Rollo then missed a straight one for 12 and the end looked near. 

Kieran, Assad and Ash all departed for ducks – Ash was run out without facing (maybe a debut to forget)! Slev came in and stuck around with Steady. Slev tried to play attacking and played one too many and was out for 12. Rav joined Steady and was shortly bowled for a duck, Steady finished on 24 not out. 

First game of the season didn’t go to plan. We didn’t bowl well enough or bat well enough. Fair play to Hemel who bowled and batted well and we look forward to playing them at their ground later on in the season!

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