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3rd XI Match Reports 2019

18th May 2019 – 3rd XI vs Old Elizabethans – Away

“Cry ‘Havoc!’ and let slip the dogs of war.” went my mind upon wakening on Saturday 18th May 2019, as the alarm sounded – 7am. Something was afoot, I’d forgotten to adjust my alarm for optimum weekend performance. So, despite my initial excitement at the day ahead – a trip to the rather local Old Elizabethans CC – I promptly rolled over and went firmly back to sleep for 2 hours, 45 minutes.

“Cry ‘Havoc!’ and let slip the dogs of war.” went my mind upon wakening for the second time that day already. Jumping up, alert already, I promptly sat down shortly after my brain registered the pain in my legs. Damn. It may not happen. The prospect, though, of 90 overs of Division 10b, Saracens Herts league cricket proved – as it always does – too tempting to miss.

Ablutions. Bag check. Bit of Saturday Morning Kitchen (Anna Haugh, tyvm) just to pas the time whilst the morning coffee is consumed and, mentally at least, I was ready to go. Up to Chalk Lane for the 11:45 am meet time and it’s the usual scene – a ragtag band, hastily thrown together, patched up here and there 3’s squad, milling around amongst the ever so slightly more glamorous 2’s squad, who are away to Old Finchleians, with all the usual handshaking, “go wells” and some rather fruity language to boot.

Cars. A drive of around 15 minutes, through the Barnet traffic – mercifully light – sees us arrive in proper fashion, 45 minutes before then start time.

In groups of 2s and 3s over we trot to the second pitch at the ground. The customary look at the wicket yields a positive discussion – it’s well looked after. “You bat first on this. You bat first” seems to be the consensus – I agree loudly, despite my long and firmly held belief that in a limited over game, at this level, when each inning is played with a new ball… it matters not one bit. But… “you bat first, Medders. Win the toss and bat first”.

As the impressive mass of combined captainage makes its way across the playing field to the square for the toss, news filters in that the opposite have had cry offs above and that a couple or few players have had to go up to the twos and we’ll be facing a side, one man down. We’ve had an awful recent run of form here and this perks the ears up. “Cry ‘Havoc!’ and let slip the dogs of war.” goes my mind.

The toss is duly lost for the 2nd week this season (0% win ratio) but curiously, the opposite choose to put us in, preferring as they do to “field on this, first”. Cricket really is a paradoxical game. Bless it.

The batting order is decided – we have a debutant, namely young Josh Tuckwell who, due to a reluctance to bat in Nets, finds himself in at 11. The rest is pretty standard and there is minimal grumbling.

C. Edwards & Y. Khan will be opening for Fosters bringing as they do, contrasting styles. Shag anchors the innings manfully, rotating the strike to allow the more explosive Yasir to set about his task. 

We trundle along quite nicely until the first wicket falls. Fosters are 60-1 when Yasir Khan is caught and he walks off with a very well earned 53. N. Hale makes his way to the crease having muttered those fateful words “we need to up the run rate”. Fast forward a touch and Neils walking back having scored 8 off 34 balls.

This brings in S. Kemalanathan (henceforth referred to as Srini) who, one week on from a rather explosive debut, duly sets about going to town. The guy can hit a ball.

Shag by this time goes to up the run rate and following a drop, is duly caught out. Despite his disappointment he genuinely anchored the innings well and was therefore forgiven his mini tanty.

In walks Vic. (John Tuckwell) again, playing his second game for Fosters. Srini & Vic really go to work putting on 57 runs off 37 balls before John is caught out for 25, followed soon after by the impressive Srini on 43.

The rest of the batting order, in true Fosters fashion basically collapse, perhaps spurred on by the fact we only had about 5 overs to bat – perhaps it’s that we thought everyone should get a bat? Who knows but Pigden (4), Bright (1), Corken (1), Josh Tuckwell (on debut – an unfortunate Duck) Medforth (6 showing a much greater willingness to run a 2 off his own batting than he did on any one else’s it has to be said) and finally Baghwati (1) didn’t cover themselves in much glory and after 45 overs we found ourselves on a decent 186-9. Greatly improved on week one and, we felt, highly competitive. “Cry ‘Havoc!’ and let slip the dogs of war.” went my mind.

Tea – an excellent tea was the general feeling and its back to the changing room to get the whites on and take the field for the second half of the day.

We opened with Medders, who bowled well enough, toiling away for 7 overs for no wicket finishing on figures of no wicket for 22 off 7 overs with one maiden. The opening batsmen batted well and seen off a good spell.

John Tuckwell, The Vic, opened from the other end bowling 9 overs, straight through, going for 28 and taking 1 wicket, a superb caught behind by Neil ‘Dave’ Hale.

Cometh the hour, cometh the man. Medders took himself off as pace didn’t seem to be the order of the day on a pitch that was playing quite slow – enter Prakash Bagwhati who got his spell off to his now customary poor start with an over of pretty turgid bowling but those of us in the know can simply sense a ‘Prak Attack’ on the horizon and so it proved again as he bowled 7.5 overs, for just 20 runs taking a fifer in the process. Catches from Srini, Tosh & Medders, along with one LBW and a clean bowled top of off stump beauty capped off his superb display – truly superb bowling from the doctor/nurse/lab technician/accountant solicitor.

From the other end Srini bowled a 4 over spell, going for 19 runs, taking no wicket but bowled well enough to put the batsmen on the back foot the whole time.

If anyone can, Yasir Khan. In the middle of Prakash’s dominant spell, he was given a blow and Mr Khan stepped up and bowled “bare wheels” with figures of 2 wickets for 20 runs off five overs, clean bowling one victim and getting the opposite captain to try his luck driving one past Corken. #corkydontdrop. Great work from Yasir.

I Bright (Ultimate) and Corken were duly told to “get loose” as they’d be sharing an end. Brighty got started with a 3 over spell, for no wicket, going for 22  with a set batsman going after him.

Corken then stepped in to bowl a 3 over spell, going for 8 runs in total and clean bowling said set batsman, top of off for his first official ever adult league wicket – there was much rejoicing.

All in all, OE’s were rolled out for 147 runs and that meant the the 3’s get a much needed and richly deserved 30 points – part of a great 90 point weekend for Fosters!

Man of the match was a close call but in the end went to Prakash for his amazing bowling figures narrowly pushing Yasir back despite his excellence with Bat & Ball – the truth is, we couldn’t have won without either of them.

Showers – text book. Good temperature and there was on offer both 5 in 1 AND Sensitive options in terms of cosmetics.

Social – jugs all around, newly elected COC Tom Hutton forced to buy his first ever COC’s Jugs.

“Where shall we three(s) meet again in thunder, lightening or in rain? When the hurly-burly’s done, when the battle’s lost and won.”

Up the fosters! And on to next week…

Gary Corken (aged 38)

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