Exec Committee

This page is for the Executive Committee to be as open and transparent as possible. It will inform members who is on the committee with a few contact details and hopefully it will also give members a greater insight on what tasks/projects we are currently undertaking or planning “behind the scenes”.

THIS IS YOUR CLUB TOO… If you have any issues with anything or have any suggestions on how we can improve our club then please step forward and tell a committee member who will put your idea forward for discussion. Along the same lines, if you wish to get involved then please talk to a committee member… More hands do make light work!


Paul Moruzzi (Executive Committee Chairman), Mike Pigden (President), Geoff Williams (Secretary, Junior Cricket Chairman), Ian Lennox (Treasurer), Neil Hale (Club Welfare Officer & Fixture Secretary), Tom Hutton (Cricket Committee), Ravi Solanki (Buildings Committee), Lindsay Stead (Wines Committee),  Susie Edwards (Catering Committee), Chris Stead (Grounds Committee), Gary Corken (Entertainments Committee), Chris Edwards (Fund Raising Committee), Tony Pigden.


Get the new lease checked by a legal representative and signed
Change of padlock on car park barrier
Correspond with Council re Ground Maintenance
Clubhouse refurbishment (winter project)
Investigate funding for new clubhouse
Insulating, plastering & painting internal wall (winter project)




Ravi Solanki – ravisolanki1@hotmail.co.uk

Chris Edwards – shagedwards@hotmail.com 

Geoff Williams – gsw_hudders@ntlworld.com 

Neil Hale – neil2358@msn.com 

Ian Lennox – ian.lennox@ntlworld.com 

Tom Hutton – tomhutton77@hotmail.co.uk 

Website Admin and Communications
Anthony Levy – anthony.d.levy@btinternet.com




Club Development Plan


“The Club Development Plan is very important for all playing, social members and youth section along with the general public to see our plans for sustainability and moving forward and striving to improve Cockfosters Cricket Club which has been established since 1873.

Please see below the clubs plan for the future set out be the Executive Committee.”

Geoff Williams

Club Secretary & Youth Development Officer, Cockfosters Cricket Club